Entry #1

Found some old projects...

2009-10-05 17:02:56 by Tayway

I recently found some old projects i did last year for school and decided to throw some of them up here. Too bad u can only submit 2 a day :/


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2009-10-06 05:29:46

I cannot reply my or your comment on "UFO attack" so I'll write here:
First of all, I didn't put you a zero, I don't know why it showed that, but I didn't even give your work a score because I thought it would be unfair to do it over a project.
And about the glitches, those DID happen to me, I'm not making anything up. If I bother to make a comment is not to blam you down, but to help you to improve.
Maybe on the game you could try losing, playing a little bit dead, then trying again; because I was screwing around when that happened.
Don't take all comments personal or the wrong way (at least not mine) and keep on working. Good Luck! :)

Tayway responds:

Nope,i didnt take it personal. I actually liked ur feedback. The best way to find bugs and glitches is to screw around like u were. I was just wondering how u did it becuz i couldnt reproduce your results. That way i could try to fix it.
On the zero thing, i understand. I guess if u put no score it automatically sets to zero.